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Welcome to Viennahydro 2018 Anniversary

The Institute for “Energy Systems and Thermodynamics, RG Fluid-Flow Machinery” proudly announces the anniversary event in 2018. 40 years of Industry and Academic Engagement has to be celebrated. The forthcoming event will focus to the actual situation in the field of Hydropower but also take action to pronounce the importance of the event. The Seminar on Hydropower Plants was established in 1980 to bring the problems of the industry together with a academic approach. Since then 20 events have been organized over the past 40 years showing a broad field of interest in the field of Hydropower. More than 10.000 pages of conference proceedings have been generated over this long time and will be available in electronical form at this unique coming event.

Be part of this anniversary event, meet the colleagues of this industry and take advantage of opening the archives ! Every participant will get a electronic version of all conference proceedings since 1980 !! Don’t miss this unique opportunity.



The role of Hydropower in Europe is changing and therefore we need plattforms for experience exchange and discussion. Our conference should be an event where all topics and belongings can and should be discussed to be up to date for the future.


Conference Center Laxenburg – How to get there

Conference Center Laxenburg – Floorplan

Up-to-the date Information

The Call for Abstracts is now open. Please submitt your ideas and contributions at the conference site. If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers.

Abstract submission >>>

Conference4me – Mobile Conference Assistant

This year we use at Viennahydro 2016 a special tool known as Conference4me – Mobile Conference Assistant.

You can download this Conference Assistant for free and different Smartphones at the following link

Download (Link)

C4me helps you to have the conference program and other information on your smartphone. You can organize your own agenda and also vote for the best presentation. Even a conference feedbak can be given by this tool.

Information for Exhibitors

If you want to book a booth at the Viennahydro 2018 conference, please visit the exhibition section for more information.

Exhibition Info >>>

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